It’s not every day that The New York Times features a story about book technology on the front page. This morning, however, there was an interesting piece about reader-driven social network technologies that highlighted a YA novel featured in the October issue of BookPage.

The Amanda Project, which today is our featured children’s review on bookpage.com, is a new mystery series by Stella Lennon which HarperCollins is calling “the first collaborative, interactive fiction series for girls aged 13 and up.”

A quick plot summary (thanks to Emily Booth Masters, our reviewer): In the first book in the series, Invisible I, new-girl-at-school Amanda disappears. Her classmates “begin to discover that very little of what they believed they knew about Amanda is actually true, and they start to wonder if they ever really knew her at all. United in their desire to find Amanda, the girls decide to stick together and embark on what they eventually term ‘The Amanda Project.’”

Readers can interact on The Amanda Project website and discuss clues and characters. According to The NYT article:

“As the series continues, some of the reader comments may be incorporated into minor characters or subplots... Susan Katz, publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Books, predicted that ‘there is going to be a popular kind of literature where the author is seen as the leader of a large group and will pick and choose from these suggestions’ by readers.”

Sounds kind of fun. I know when I read Nancy Drew novels, I would have loved to weigh in on a mystery. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book… where your choice may actually have an impact on another reader’s experience, if the author chooses to take your suggestion. Any readers plan on participating in The Amanda Project?


Here’s a YouTube trailer of the book:


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