Hilary Mantel

for Wolf Hall.  To be released on this side of the Atlantic a week from today, this hefty historical novel drew an enthusiastic review from BookPage's Lauren Bufferd, who deemed it
a riveting portrait of Thomas Cromwell, chief advisor to King Henry VIII and a significant political figure in Tudor England. Mantel’s crystalline style, piercing eye and interest in, shall we say, the darker side of human nature, together with a real respect for historical accuracy, make this novel an engrossing, enveloping read.

wolfhallMantel was the favorite to win the prize amid a strong field of fellow finalists (A.S. Byatt, J.M. Coetzee, Adam Foulds, Simon Mawer, and Sarah Waters)—but the odds-on favorite hasn't won the Booker since 2002 so this was something of a surprise. But we're glad this talented novelist, who tries something new with every book, escaped the "Booker Curse" to come out ahead.

If you're in the mood for a laugh, or interested in the other finalists (most of which have yet to be published here, alas), don't miss Jim Crace's Digested Read of all six books.

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