horns5-copy1While the anticipation grows for Stephen King's Under the Dome, buzz is also building for the latest project from his son, who writes as Joe Hill. Hill's debut, Heart-Shaped Box, was an uber-creepy tale of a haunted rock star that demonstrated that a talent for tapping into the dark side of human nature just might be genetic.

In February, Morrow will publish Hill's second novel, Horns, a book the author describes as "another heart-warmer." It's already been optioned for film by Mandalay entertainment. The premise: a man wakes up after a wild night to find horns growing out of his head—and like Pinocchio's nose, they keep growing every day. Turns out his girlfriend's murder might have something to do with his strange condition.

Like King's Under the Dome, Horns will also be released (in the UK, at least) in a limited edition by PS Publishing. The limited edition of 500 will include art by Vincent Chong and be signed by the author. Full details on the special edition can be found here.

What do you think of this special edition trend? Are there any books you'd like to have a $300 deluxe version of?

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