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You may recall that a few weeks back I made a commitment to start compiling a new blogroll for The Book Case. I thought this would be a fun and easy way to acquaint myself with the book blogging community.

That was before I realized how many book blogs there are. Holy moly. You know how sometimes Time magazine or Newsweek will release a list of the 100 best books of all time? (Or 1001!) Those lists drive me crazy, particularly when I start to tally up how many (i.e., how few) of the books I’ve actually read (and when I remember that I still haven’t read Catch-22). Well, that’s how I felt when I started perusing book blogs. It’s not uncommon for a book blog to feature a blogroll with over 50 blogs, to review new books every day (and these are recreational bloggers, presumably with other full-time jobs and responsibilities), and to receive over 20 comments per post. Figuring out how to navigate this large and active community is a daunting task… but here at The Book Case we’re going to make an earnest effort to try.

As part of an ongoing series, we offer part 1 of “Book Blogs We Love.” In each installation, we’ll give an overview of a few awesome book blogs.

Readers, please give us suggestions!

The Book Lady’s Blog is written by Rebecca, a book seller (and soon-to-be marketing coordinator for a medical company). Recent content includes a guest post from Allison Hoover Bartlett, author of The Man Who Loved Books Too Much, and a diatribe on the self-indulgence of Nicholas Sparks. I also enjoyed the review (with lots of great excerpts) of Michael Chabon’s latest, Manhood for Amateurs.

Technical writer Ti writes Book Chatter. My favorite thing about this blog is the format of reviews, each of which include a blurb from the book’s publisher, a short summary (“the short of it”), and a longer reflection (“the rest of it”). Recent reviews include Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Francine Prose’s Goldengrove.

Erin, who works at a public library, writes A Life in Books. The blog is basically Erin’s reading diary, which I love because of the variety of coverage. At BookPage, we write about what’s being published right now, and it’s refreshing to read about books that have been out for a while (like Hilma Wolitzer’s Summer Reading, which Erin found in a bargain bin at Border’s!). I also like this blog for the conversational tone of its reviews.

Finally, I'll admit that I was inspired to get going on this blog-finding project by Nina Sankovitch, whom I discovered in the New York Times. Nina reads a book a day and writes reviews on her website. At BookPage, we were pretty wowed by Nina's story. I figured that if she can read a book a day, then I can pump up my blog reading.

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