I was amazed by all the feedback on our “Book Blogs We Love” post.  I think I’m going to have to give up book reading to focus on book blog reading. (Just kidding – never!) But seriously: How do all you blog readers keep up with the massive content out there? RSS feed? Ridiculously organized toolbar?

There were many more wonderful blogs mentioned in the comments to yesterday’s post, but here are a couple more that caught my attention:

Picture 2

S. Krishna’s Books deserves a shout out for the incredible amount of content on the site. Goodness I was blown away. S. Krishna is pursuing her Master’s degree in D.C. – and she has still reviewed 351 books this year! I especially appreciated the handy post on navigating the world of online bookswapping. There are also giveaways, which many of you know we love at BookPage. (See Vampire post below.)

Picture 1

I also love She is Too Fond of Books… and it has addled her brain.The site is well-organized and filled with creative content (song parody as a review of The Lost Symbol – check!). I also enjoyed the interview with Nuala Ni Chonchuir and the cute spotlight on bookstores feature.

Lots of inspiration here, and keep the suggestions comin'!

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