From the what's-the-world-coming-to-department comes news that Simon & Schuster has signed a deal for a series of three books based on an iPhone app. Is this a first? I think so (but I could be wrong -- leave a comment if you know of other iPhone apps that have spawned book deals).

The iPhone app store describes Soul Trapper as  "a supernatural tale that unfolds over 23 chapters, each ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in length."  Buyers are promised that this "richly-produced audio drama" is  "seamlessly interwoven with interactivity, navigation, and audio puzzles." Players follow 27-year-old drifter Kane Pryce, who owns a mysterious device (the Soul Trap) that lets him capture ghosts and exile them from Earth.

To see what all the fuss was about, I attempted to download Soul Trapper on my iPhone, but I got an annoying message indicating that the app was too large for obtaining by phone and should be downloaded through a computer instead. So I'll probably never know whether the app lives up to its billing as "triple-A entertainment" in the "audio spectrum" (hmmm).

Soul Trapper was created by F.J. Lennon, whom, we were heartened to learn, has previously written at least one book, a 2001 title from HarperBusiness called Every Mistake in the Book: A Business How-NOT-To -- apparently a lively account of his computer game business that flopped. Maybe Lennon's next business title will advise readers on how to turn iPhone games into publishing gold.

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