Janis Irvine has been the owner of the Book Bin in Northbrook, IL, for about 30 years. She sent me this wonderful memory from her bookselling career, and I thought it’d make a nice final post for our National Bookstore Day series.


One day I overheard one of our sales ladies on the phone. The conversation went something like this: “No, you won’t like that...  No, that’s not good... You’ve read that one... Yes, try that. You’re welcome. Goodbye.” I had to know what it was all about. It turns out it was one of our customers calling from the Phoenix airport. He’d read all the books we sent with him on vacation and needed something for the plane ride home. He was reading off book titles to our saleslady! That’s far and away the best part of our job: Talking about books with customers who have come to trust our judgment.

I know many of our readers have had similar experiences at their local bookstores. Please share in the comments.

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