Kids around the country are probably already counting down the days until the release of Disney’s latest animated film: The Princess and the Frog. The movie, based on E.D. Baker’s 2002 YA novel The Frog Princess and the Grimm brothers’ classic The Frog Prince, opens in New York and Los Angeles today. The rest of us can’t see it until Dec. 11 (such a disappointment, when the trailer – after the jump – looks so fantastic).

Set in New Orleans’ French Quarter, the plot follows Tiana (the first African-American Disney princess) as she’s turned into a frog after a kiss from Naveen – a prince who’d himself been turned into a frog. To reverse the spell, they have to seek out the good voodoo priestess of the Bayou.

Looking forward to the movie, I thought I’d revisit some contemporary fairy tales covered in BookPage (click on the book covers to read the review). Browse, enjoy and tell us: What’s your favorite fairy tale?

Trailer of The Princess and the Frog:


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