You’re probably eating turkey (or another favorite food) right now, and spending time with family and friends. I love doing all those things on Thanksgiving, but I also like to spend the holiday diving into a good book.

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving kids books, here are a few favorites from the archives. This year, we highlighted Duck for Turkey Day and Thanksgiving Rules, but there are many older books worth re-reading or discovering, too.

1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving, by Catherine O'Neill Grace and Margaret M. Bruchac, shows a re-enactment of the Thanksgiving feast of 1621 at living history museum Plimoth Plantation.

Rivka's First Thanksgiving, by Elsa Okon Rael, is about a young Jewish girl’s celebration of the holiday in 1910. About the book, reviewer Alice Cary writes, “Here’s a lovely story with unique insights into what it means to be a thankful American.”

All About Turkeys, by writer, illustrator and naturalist Jim Arnosky, is about the feeding, hunting and mating habits of the wild turkey. We’ve got an interview with Arnosky here. (Sneak peek: “I am convinced that if you love the outdoors, natural places, and wildlife, you will grow into a person who will consider those factors no matter what work you do.”)

Enjoy the holiday! What are you reading?

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