Happy Black Friday! If you’re like me you’re probably… still in bed on this lovely morning the day after Thanksgiving. If you’re like millions of other Americans, though, you’ve been out in the trenches for hours, shopping for a great deal. (Bonus points if you’re reading this very post on your cell phone, in line to check out at a store.)

In honor of the official start day of the holiday shopping season, we want to know: Will you be buying an e-reader this year? Which one? A Nook? Kindle? Sony Reader?

According to a report from iReaderReview.com, e-book sales have risen in a big way. Random House sold $22.6 million worth of e-books in September 2009 – up from $2.9 million a year ago. The website also reported that by the end of 2010, e-book sales should represent 10-20% of total book sales.

And if you're not interested in e-readers, you're you alone. Just listen to bookseller Patty Donovan from The Book Nook, who told us:

Before e-books, book ownership was a thing to be prized, a goal to be lauded and a visible symbol of success and intelligence. E-books have tarnished that gilded image, turning people who used to look for integrity in the printed word into those who think that Wikipedia is a far more accurate and dignified source than anything in print.

Since I don't own an e-reader, I'm going to stay neutral on this one -- although I wouldn't mind having one on trips. I'm toting around The Lacuna, Steve Yarbrough's forthcoming Safe from the Neighbors, and Isabel Allende's Daughter of Fortune during my Thanksgiving vacation (couldn't decide which one to read first) -- anyone else have this problem while traveling?

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