The Onion has another brilliant idea: Noveller, the social networking site that allows users to post novels to all their friends and followers throughout the day.

"You know, before we came up with Noveller, we had all these friends creating these great 75,000- to 300,000-word works of fiction, but there was no quick, easy, fun way to share them," cofounder Chuck Gregory said. "To be honest, we were stunned there wasn't already anything like it out there. It seemed so obvious."

"I love it," said Sheena Wulf, a Novellist from Kansas City, MO. "If I'm ever sitting in a coffee shop and my sense of alienation and utter detachment from contemporary life provides me with sudden insight into the world that helped shape my family, I just grab my phone and Novel it out to people."

Added Wulf, "It's so simple."

Try it yourself at Noveller—but don't be surprised if you can't get past the Fail Whale.

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