Via Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life blog, we learned yesterday that Queen of Romance Nora Roberts is expanding into the computer game market. Vision in White, her novel about four friends who run a wedding-planning business, will turn interactive as gamers play “nuptial-themed mini-games” and perform “hidden-object tasks” in its computer game equivalent.

Agatha Christie, James Patterson and Dan Brown have already inspired games, and Roberts – herself a gamer – is pleased to join their ranks. “I think it’s great that there are so many kinds of media to play with,” said Roberts in a press release. “And to have a story translated into a game like this, it’s tremendous fun for me.”

Besides the occasional Mario Kart or Guitar Hero, I’m not much of a gamer myself – but I can see the appeal of bringing a novel to life outside of the page. Do romance fans think Roberts’ stories will translate well in this medium? Will you be downloading the game?

Related in BookPage: Romance columnist and author Christie Ridgeway writes that Vision in White, the first of Roberts’ Bride Quartet, is “romantic and wistful, sexy and stylish...another winner for Roberts.”

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