We at BookPage have been fans of J.A. Konrath and his "winning cocktail of humor, suspense" since Whiskey Sour was released in 2004. And we can attest to his savvy marketing techniques—the autographed coasters he sent along with his 2006 Meet the Author piece still bedeck our cubicle walls.

On his blog, Konrath talks frequently about his inventive attempts to go viral—using social media like twitter and Facebook, creating videos, and even making some of his works available for free on his website. All have grown his audience; none have been the next "Wedding Dance" video. In a post published Friday, he shares his latest tactic: an eBay auction.

Why should an auction for autographed books go viral? Well, as Konrath explains

The main goal of the auction isn't to sell the books. It's to introduce people to my sarcastic brand of humor. The product description is essentially 500 jokes. The point, of course, isn't to be viewed by people who already know me. It's to be viewed by folks who had no clue who I was before looking at the auction.

What do you think of Konrath's tactic? If you came across the listing on eBay, would you be charmed into reading the author's books whether or not you actually bid?

p.s. Auction ends today at 1, so check it out now if you're going to.

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