Yesterday I interviewed YA author Ally Carter to chat about her February 9 release, Heist Society. The novel has been described as “Ocean's 11 meets Veronica Mars,” and I think that’s a fair assessment. Without giving away too many details of the plot, I’ll just say that Heist Society is a perfect pick for teens who love watching “The Thomas Crown Affair,” or for those who have visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and are more fascinated by what’s missing than what’s there.

Because I know BookPage readers love a good teaser, I’ll share a few tidbits I was able to squeeze out of Carter.

The fourth book in her hugely popular Gallagher Girls series is coming out in June 2010, and she plans to release the title “very very soon,” she said. “Stay tuned within the next two weeks.” She sent a draft of the manuscript to her editor earlier this week, and it should be in copy edits soon.

(Judging by the comments on Ally’s blog, her fans are chomping at the bit for any info related to GG.)

This book will take up a few weeks after we left Cammie in Galagher Girls #3, Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover. Cammie has gone to visit BFF Bex in London during winter break, Carter said, “and of course the threats and the danger have gone with her.”

“The action kicks off really fast in this one and hopefully it stays really fast throughout the whole thing. Cammie’s in some serious hot water this time around, so it’s been very interesting to see her get herself out of it.”

And that’s all I’ll share right now! Stay tuned for the complete interview. It’ll go live on on February 9.

And a fun question for our commenters: If you could talk to any YA novelist, who would it be? I think I'd like to talk to E.L. Konigsburg.

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