On Dec. 26, Amazon reported that it sold more e-books than physical books on Christmas Day. Also, the Kindle was the top gift sold on Amazon this holiday season (and apparently the top-selling gift on Amazon.com of all time).

These stats—at least regarding sales of e-books vs. physical books on Christmas Day—did not surprise me. One of the lures of e-books is instant gratification, and if anyone got an e-reader under the tree this year, I would bet that one of the first things they did was some online shopping for an e-book.

I received only physical books this year (including Jane Austen's Little Advice Book -- Aww), although I have big plans to blog about my experience reading on BookPage’s Kindle.

Since I know readers of The Book Case are some of the busiest readers around, I wondered how you received books this year. Did you get a new e-reader? Or did your family and friends stick to gifting classic ink-and-paper books?

Also: What was your favorite book you received? My family didn't give me too many books this year (probably because my bookshelf is about to topple as it is), although I was intrigued by Michael Crichton's Pirate Latitudes; my cousin excused himself from our Christmas dinner table in order to race through the final pages...

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