French graphic novelist Joann Sfar, best known for comics like the acclaimed Rabbi's Cat, is moving into a new medium in 2010. His first project: A biopic of French singer Serge Gainsbourg, which has debuted to rave reviews in France.

Serge Gainsbourg: La Vie Heroique takes a non-traditional approach—using special effects by the team that worked on Pan's Labyrinth, Sfar has created an exaggerated alter ego, played by actor Doug Jones, for the famous singer. The actual Gainsbourg is played brilliantly by French stage actor Eric Elmosnino, while British actress Lucy Gordon plays his muse and eventual wife, Jane Birkin (Sfar dedicated the film to Gordon, who sadly committed suicide in May 2009). Supermodel Laetitia Casta takes a turn as Brigitte Bardot.

Gainsbourg's exploits with women are well-known, but Sfar also takes on his early years growing up as a Jewish child in Vichy France who narrowly escaped deportation. An article in The Independent provides many interesting details on the production—most notably, that Sfar originally asked Gainsbourg's daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, to play her father.

Click here to see some of Sfar's storyboards for the film, and here to watch the trailer (which, warning, is rather European in its toplessness).

Sfar's next film project will be based on his own work: The Rabbi's Cat comes to the big screen in 2010, as a 2D-animated film aimed at both adults and children. This charming story, set in 1930s Algeria, is about a merchant, his beautiful daughter, and their cat—who, after eating a parrot, can speak. (Sfar told the Wall Street Journal that the cat was based on his own pet.) An exact release date is still to be announced.

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