I am apparently a rare creature—a beer-drinking book club member. While my fellow book clubbers are sipping Chardonnay, I'm happily chugging down a cold beer, preferably a Bud Light (my beer of choice).
So imagine my surprise at the outcry that's greeted the Super Bowl commercial in which a Bud-loving guy crashes an all-female book club meeting. Who can blame the guy, after all? He spots a bowl of ice-cold Bud on a table and decides to join the group with scintillating discussion questions like this one: "So, what's the story?"

Ed Champion, among others, is outraged, describing the spot as "Madison Avenue Misogyny." He finds the ad sexist, anti-reading and way too sexually suggestive. To which I can only reply: c'mon, lighten up! The commercial was meant to be funny, and to me at least, it was. Also, as some commentators have pointed out, the ladies at the book club were the ones who set out the bottles of Bud (go girls!). They were ready to kick back with a beer and a good book and enjoy a conversation with friends. Not a bad idea from my perspective, and a not a bad way to portray books and reading. It's the guy who comes off as an dim-witted lout who can't follow the discussion.

Now if I could just get my own book club to change its name from "Wine, Women & Words" to something that's more inclusive for beer drinkers like me.

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