Fans of Appalachian literature, take heart—after 7 years, Sharyn McCrumb is returning to her acclaimed Ballad series on June 22 with The Devil Amongst the Lawyers.

From the catalog:

In 1934 all the national publications sent their star reporters to remote Virginia to cover the trial of Erma Morton: a beautiful 21-year-old year old mountain girl with a teaching degree, accused of murdering her father--a drunken tyrant of a man.

One of the journalists—18-year-old Carl—tells it like he sees it, earning the wrath of his citified cohorts, who are writing the backwoods crime story they think people want to read, rather than the truth. Will his sister, Nora, who has the "sight," be able to save Erma—and Carl?

We've said before that McCrumb "is just the author to unearth the facts, sprinkle them with a little mountain magic and bring them to life in her fiction." (from an interview for Ghost Riders).  The Devil Amongst the Lawyers should bring more of the same.

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