Anne Rice has become the latest author to release a "Vook" (see an earlier post about Vooks here). She's chosen an out-of-print short story, set in 1888 London, to republish in the new digital format. "The Master of Rampling Gate" is selling for just 99 cents right now (regular price $4.99), and I have to admit the preview, which includes one of the accompanying videos, is pretty interesting (not least for the revelation that such a thing as a "Gothic historian" exists).

You can choose among three views:  just the text, just the videos, or a mix of both.

Throughout the text you can click on words and be taken to Wikipedia links explaining them, just in case you don't have a visual reference for "mullioned windows" or "Victoria Station."

I'm curious to see what kind of a response you readers have to something like this. Interested, or not a chance? At 99 cents I am tempted to give it a try, although Vooks don't seem quite as impressive after Penguin's announcement yesterday of their ebook vision for the iPad (I want that travel guide!).

After the jump, the YouTube trailer for "The Master of Rampling Gate" and an embed of the Penguin UK presentation (via).

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