Every week, there are many smart, funny and fascinating posts in the book blog community. With that in mind, we’re starting a Friday series: Best of the week in book blogs. Below are a few choice posts we’ve stumbled upon throughout the past few days. Feel free to add YOUR favorite book blog posts in the comments.

“I dare you not to sing along ...”
Posted by She is Too Fond of Books

How much do you love this video, from Ocoee Middle School in Florida? Oprah did, and now she’s partnering with Target to give the school a library makeover. Okay everyone: Sing it with me: “This book's going to be a good, good book to read.”

“Great Building of Books Friday”
Posted by Entomology of a Bookworm

This post is awesome because, well, who doesn’t want to learn about a building made of books? I visited the Modern Art Center in Lisbon a couple years ago, and there was a minimal, conceptual light installation in the hall where the book structure was on display. If only I could have seen a "symmetrical, enclosed room of stacked literature”!

“Some Bookish Events that are Local (to me)”
Posted by Book Chatter

I love getting out from behind my computer screen and interacting with booklovers in person—hence my fondness for book festivals and readings. On Book Chatter, Ti highlights two such events in the Los Angeles area, the L.A. Times Festival of Books and the Impatient with Desire book party. Wish I could be there!

“Spotted on the subway: Vladimir Nabokov edition”
Posted by Wormbook

Browse Wormbook for many “Spotted on the subway” entries. How fun is it to spot a stranger reading one of your favorite books? Or spy on a reader who totally doesn’t match up with the book he’s reading?

What book blog posts did you enjoy this week?

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