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  • Review of Jane’s Fame by Claire Harman
    Do you, dear reader, dither over Mr. Darcy? Enthuse about the archness of Emma? Wail about the likes of Willoughby? If so, you just might be a Janeite

  • Roundup of the latest (and best) travel guides
    Travel guides have come a long way from Baedeker. Packed with GPS information, interactive features and online updates, the new breed of guidebook is more essential than ever, whether for a quick getaway or the trip of a lifetime.

  • Review of Borderline by Allan Stratton
    Living in upstate New York with a name like Mohammed Sami Sabiri, Sami has always felt like an outsider—the school nerd, a member of his school’s “leper colony” and the subject of constant taunting.

  • Review of Impatient with Desire by Gabrielle Burton
    Imagine what it would feel like to travel with a wagon train of pioneers, joining the great march to America’s western frontier in 1846.

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