I read and wrote about The Solitude of Prime Numbers over a month ago for a What We’re Reading Wednesday blog post. At that time, I had no idea if the book, which has been so popular abroad, would take off in the United States.

Well, it seems that it has: In the past week, Paolo Giordano’s debut has received accolades in the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and USA Today—not to mention BookPage, where reviewer Tony Kuehn wrote that the author “deftly creates a sense of loneliness and loss through the use of simple, beautiful language and powerful imagery.”

This Thursday, you can see for yourself what the fuss is about—but you need to act fast. At the Nashville Public Library, there are already seven holds on the first available copy.

While you wait for the book’s release, check out this interview with Giordano. (The author is Italian, although the interview’s in English.) He talks about choosing between physics and literature; dealing with the strangeness of fame; and the satisfaction of writing:

Will you read The Solitude of Prime Numbers?

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