We all know that Jodi Picoult writes about complex subjects that affect families: death, disease, disability.

In a recent interview with Forbes, the author talks about the subject for her next book: gay rights. She said:

What's really cool is that I do believe I might be the first mainstream writer to attack this issue, gay rights. That's amazing me to me, but I'm glad I'm doing it. There's a real sense that gay rights is a political issue and not a personal one. I think it's about people, which is why I want to write the book.

She also revealed that the novel will provide readers with a multi-media experience. The main character is a music therapist and a musician, and the book will come packaged with a CD of original music that’s theoretically written by the character. “You will literally get to hear her and hear what's important to her through her music, in addition to through her words,” Picoult said. “I want you to hear her voice. Hear her pour out her heart to you and then be able to say, ‘You should not get this right.’ Let's see if you can still do that.”

In an interview with GLAAD, she elaborated on the plot. It’s the story of a lesbian couple’s legal battle for the right to start a family, a topic with personal significance for Picoult, since her teenage son recently came out.

It’s true that gay rights and gay characters are mostly absent from mainstream fiction. (Alexander McCall Smith has announced that he will support gay rights by introducing homosexual characters into his novels, and David Levithan has addressed gay relationships in YA lit—but can you think of many other authors who write about characters who are gay?) I look forward to Picoult's new book—plus, I’m intrigued by the CD.

Are there other topics you’d like to see Picoult address?

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