Dawn of the Dreadfuls, the prequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the best-selling mashup from Quirk Books, hit shelves today. Author Steve Hockensmith has written a hilarious behind-the-book essay for BookPage, in which he confesses to his life-long dream of writing a "prequel to a best-selling book about English girls who kill zombies with kung-fu." (Okay, maybe it wasn't a life-long dream.)

This is one of the more elaborately staged book trailers I've seen, complete with blood spewing zombies and fight scenes in the English countryside. What would Jane Austen think? What do you think?

And since zombies aren't for everyone, I also want to share the trailer for Peter Bognanni's punk-rock-fueled debut novel The House of Tomorrow, which went on sale a couple weeks ago. As the trailer shows, the book's about music... it's about a geodesic dome... it's about growing up... it's about Iowa... it's about sex! Check it out—and don't miss Sarah E. White's review of the novel.

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