Between a whirlwind trip to NYC and her departure for PLA (if you're there, check out BookPage at booth #1100), our associate publisher Julia Steele passed along a book recommendation for Book Case readers: I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced. "It made me cry. On the plane!" Is there a higher recommendation? (Maybe books that make me cry in the office . . .)

Written with Delphine Munoui, and first published in France, Nujood Ali's story is almost too incredible to be true. With no support from her family, this little girl from Yemen took the money her parents had given her to buy bread and went to to the courthouse to petition for a divorce from her abusive husband, who was more than three times her age. Given the subtitle, it's obvious that Nujood gets her wish, but the convoluted system she must fight to reach her goal makes this a fascinating read. Nujood was, until recently, the youngest divorced person ever, but she has now inspired a handful of girls in similar circumstances to make a bid for freedom. Her story has been told by major news outlets like Time and The New York Times.

Julia's passing the book on to her college-aged daughter next—it would definitely be a great selection for a mother-daughter book club.

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