We’re running a Bananagrams contest this week on The Book Case, and the author’s name—Joe Edley—sounded familiar.

Then I remembered: Joe Edley is none other than the three-time National Scrabble Champion memorably depicted in Stefan Fatsis’ Word Freak, a delightful memoir and history of Scrabble published in 2001. If you read Word Freak, you might remember that Edley is the guy who memorized the entire Scrabble dictionary. Edley was one of my favorite characters in Word Freak, and it’s nice to know what he’s up to these days—in addition to writing Bananagrams books, he’s also written several books about Scrabble, including The Official Scrabble Puzzle Book. Click here for a review of Word Freak—a must-read for any Scrabble player.

If you're interested in the wacky subculture of competitive puzzles and games, I think you’ll also enjoy Louis Sachar’s forthcoming The Cardturner, about a teen who assists his blind uncle in playing bridge. In addition to hilarious insider info on bridge tournaments (Sachar himself is a competitive player), there are also plenty of details on solving the puzzle of specific hands. In May, keep your eye on BookPage.com for an interview with the author.

Do you have a favorite book about games or puzzles?

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