What posts on book blogs did you enjoy reading this week? A few of my picks are below...

John Warner Tells You What to Read Next
Posted by John Williams on The Second Pass's blog

If you haven't been following the Tournament of Books closely, this post is a good point at which to jump in. Over at online lit publication The Second Pass's blog, John Williams highlights some commentary from the Quarterfinal round, in which Wolf Hall faced off against The Anthologist. The post will make you think about how and why we choose what we read:

The last two books I finished were Sam Lipsyte’s The Ask and Next by James Hynes. I read those because I loved their previous books. Their current ones delivered much the same pleasures as their last efforts. They were every bit as good as I hoped and expected, but I’d already tasted those flavors. Should I be forcing myself to be a bit more adventurous, to turn toward the unexplored territory, to occasionally pick pistachio over mint chocolate chip at Baskin-Robbins?

Play time with coloring books
Posted by Nosuch Book

Okay, so maybe it's a little weird that I'm linking to a post about coloring books, but bear with me. The Taro Gomi coloring books (and books by other artists) that this blogger writes about on Nosuch Book are way more inventive and fun than the generic princess books I used when I was a kid. And even if you don't know a little one who'd be entranced by these doodles, adults are getting in on the action, too: "Playfulness returns with the bright sun and warm breezes of spring. With lots of reminders everywhere to not forget how to be a kid. Want to color with me?"

Books Podcast #70: Books for the Plane Ride
Posted by Books on the Nightstand

Going on a trip any time soon? Michael and Ann at Books on the Nightstand chat about what makes a great airplane book, and agree that a thriller is the best way to pass time on a long flight. What is your favorite airplane book? Share your picks on their blog (and here, too!).

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