We occasionally commemorate author birthdays on this blog (none more popular than Jane Austen's), but today I want to give a shout out to some book birthdays—Where's Spot? and Shrek!.

Spot turns 30 this year, and there will be many festivities to celebrate his big day—he'll make an appearance at the White House Easter Egg Roll and even at Dollywood here in Tennessee. An interesting fact that's arisen in the media coverage is that Eric Hill's first Spot book was the first-ever "lift-the-flap" book. Apparently the author was working on an advertising flyer that involved a flap covering a picture. His young son was responsive to the idea, and that enthusiasm led him to create Spot, and his books have now sold 50 million copies. In honor of the 30th anniversary, Putnam is issuing a new edition of Where's Spot? that comes with a special seal. Isn't it amazing that Eric Hill created lift-the-flap books (a favorite among my old babysitting charges—that and scratch-and-sniff)?

Shrek!William Steig's picture book that inspired the movies—turns 20 this year. For this anniversary, FSG is releasing a special edition, as well.

Do you have any fond memories of reading Where's Spot? or Shrek! to your children (or yourself)?

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