Inspector Lynley creator Elizabeth George—also known as "the most famous British writer who is not British"—joins John Grisham as a best-selling author who is branching out into YA fiction.

The Edge of Nowhere, the first book in George's new YA series, will follow a teen girl with psychic abilities who runs away to Whidbey Island, Washington, and is abandoned by her mother. Although some readers will probably be surprised that George is setting a novel outside of the UK, her decision lines up with a comment she made to Jay MacDonald in a BookPage interview from 2006, when he asked if she'd ever set a novel in the U.S.:

I wouldn't shy away from it if I felt that I had a compelling story to tell in a location that really worked for me. . . Location is crucial to my books. I've been careful to go to places to make sure that I am going to feel that mystical or visceral connection that allows me to say yes, this is it, this is the place I'm going to write about.

At the time of the interview, George had just moved from Seattle to her dream home—a house on Whidbey Island. Sounds like she felt a "visceral connection" to her new home!

George fans: Will you read The Edge of Nowhere? The book will be published by Viking Children's, and currently there is no set pub date.

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