Today, Kevin at The Millions made a strong case for Lionel Shriver as America's best living novelist. The thoughtful post is worth a read, but the standout for me as a Shriver convert already was a throwaway mention of a We Need to Talk About Kevin movie coming in 2011. Eek!

According to IMDB, Ezra Miller (Afterschool & "Californication") will play teenaged Kevin, and Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly will play his parents in the film, directed by Lynne Ramsey. I can't think of a more perfect Eva than Swinton and am now doubly excited for the film's release. Filming is set to start in Connecticut this month.

What do you think of Shriver as a candidate for best living American writer? If you don't agree, who would you nominate?

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