There have been a lot of mashups and boundary-crossing novels in fiction lately, but this one took me by surprise.

Amish + Vampire = ??? Well, conflict, for sure, since it is unlikely that the Amish community looks on the undead with anything approaching approval.

From Publisher's Marketplace:

Leanna Ellis's FORSAKEN, first in the Plain Fear series in which a young Amish woman mourning the mysterious 'death' of her beloved, now a vampire, must choose between two brothers, between good and evil, between a lasting love and the damnation of her soul, to Peter Lynch at Sourcebooks.

On the surface it seems like readers who crave stories of quiet lives and simpler times wouldn't be interested in bloodthirsty supernatural beings. However, both genres help readers escape, and as the WSJ noted last fall, Amish fiction has been incorporating suspense elements for some time. And although vampires are supernatural, they're often used to explore issues of morality and faith—just like Amish fiction. Will you read?

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