Last month I posted about John Grisham's debut children's novel—Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer—and today we have a little more information. Dutton released an excerpt from the novel as a PDF, which you can view here.

I took a quick look, and from what I've read, it's no wonder 13-year-old Theo wants to be a lawyer (or a judge; he hasn't decided yet). . . his mom and his dad are lawyers, and he has a dog named Judge! His favorite building in town is the courthouse, "where lawyers battled like gladiators and judges ruled like kings." In the opening scene, Theo comforts a friend whose parents are going through a divorce, and then he manages to convince a judge to let his class have guaranteed seats in the balcony for the opening day of a big trial. Not bad for a morning before school!

The book will be out May 25. . . will you read?

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