The End of Poetry Month
Posted on The Best Words in their Best Order

FSG has done a fantastic job with their poetry month blog, and if you haven't been keeping up, today's post provides links to some highlights. Read about the "distinct animal" of the poetry reading, why Louise Glück doesn't like National Poetry Month, why Meghan O'Rourke enjoys publishing emerging poets in The Paris Review and more.

The Surrendered, by Chang-rae Lee—a review
Posted on Shelf Life

I interviewed Chang-rae Lee for the March issue of BookPage, and since reading The Surrendered, I've wondered what sort of response people will have to Lee's latest novel. It's written beautifully, but the characters live (or are killed by) such wrenching tragedies that the nearly 500 pages can be a lot to stomach. So I enjoyed reading Gentle Reader's post on Shelf Life, in which she describes her reactions to the novel, and I understood when she wrote, "while I recommend Lee’s writing, I feel this book is definitely for the stout of heart."

Behind the scenes of the Rock Bottom Remainders
Posted on A Moment of Jen

Trisha posted about author rock band the Rock Bottom Remainders a couple weeks ago, and it was fun to read a behind-the-scenes report of one of their concerts in Jennifer Weiner's blog. She writes, "Growing up, I always wanted to be a writer…but I had rock-and-roll fantasies, of standing in front of a cheering crowd, wailing into a microphone or rocking out on a guitar."

What book blog posts have you enjoyed this week?

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