What book blog posts have you enjoyed this week? A few of my favorites include. . .

Alice In Openland
Posted by Open Culture

Maria Popova writes about the public's renewed interest in Lewis Carroll's Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, "easily the most beloved work of children’s literature of the past two centuries." Popova provides a list of "free versions of, tributes to, and derivatives of" Carroll's 1865 classic, from a Russian translation with awesome illustrations to a video of the earliest cinematic adaptation of the book (c. 1903). It's definitely worth a look. And if you haven't seen Tim Burton's recent "Alice" movie, read Trisha's report on the "weird and wonderful" wonderland.

The Passage - Justin Cronin
Posted by books i done read

Raych's posts are always hilarious, and her review of The Passage is no exception. Here's an excerpt: "And it's great, liebchens.  Stressful, because Cronin leaves you sitting for a minute, anxious but subdued, before flinging you out over a crevasse and then letting you hang there for (p)ages.  My anxiety is currently palpable.  You may have no fears re: the ending, you will not be Patrick-Ness'ed into cliffhangerry rage, but even if the promo bits hadn't been all ZOMG TRILOGY I still would have been looking over my shoulder for the sequel. Read it.  You know, when it comes out next month.  Of which I will remind you." Trisha interviewed Justin Cronin for our June issue, so check in at BookPage.com at the beginning of the month. We think The Passage might be "the buzz book of the summer"—do you agree?

Hate Mail Dramatic Reading Project #9
Posted by Edward Champion's Reluctant Habits

Speaking of hilarious blog posts, if you haven't checked out Edward Champion's "Hate Mail" series, in which he posts recordings of himself reading hate mail in various voices, I'd strongly recommend you check it out. This week he's reading in the style of a Tennessee Williams protagonist. I also like his Richard Milhous Nixon-style reading. What's your favorite?

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