Raise your hand if you read On the Road when you were a teenager, and it was, like, your favorite book of all time (right after you got over The Catcher in the Rye). Yeah, me too. I read Jack Kerouac's Beat Generation classic on my bunk bed at summer camp, and I'm pretty sure I listed the "burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles" quote as my favorite in more than one yearbook.

I suspect that die-hard Kerouac fans will have mixed feelings about the following news:

On the Road adaptations have been rumored for years, but now it's really going to happen. Walter Salles, best known for The Motorcycle Diaries, will direct the film. Garrett Hedlund (Four Brothers, Eragon) will play Dean Moriarty, the free spirited friend of narrator Sal Paradise. Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame will play Mary Lou. The movie should be out in 2011.

What do you thinkā€”are you excited about this news, or is On the Road one of those untouchable books that shouldn't be adapted at all? Who do you see as Sal? I'll admit that I'm skeptical. . . although I'm eager to learn more about the casting and the direction of the screenplay.

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