Sena Jeter Naslund is not the type of author who does the same thing twice. She's told the story of Moby Dick from the woman's point of view (Ahab's Wife); portrayed race relations in the Civil Rights Era South (Four Spirits); and channeled a queen's point-of-view to tell Marie Antoinette's tragic tale (Abundance).

Her new book, Adam & Eve (Morrow), which is being published on September 28, is another departure. Set in the near future—2020—it tells the story of Lucy, a young widow whose astrophysicist husband has entrusted her with a major secret. There is life in outer space, and just before Thom died he had come up with the evidence to prove it. Lucy is the only one who knows, and she has the evidence on a flash drive she wears around her neck. The repercussions from this ripple out, affecting three religions and endangering Lucy's own life, as Naslund explores the explosive intersection of religion, tolerance and science.

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