I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! Anyone finish a good book?

As always, we're highlighting a lot of new content on BookPage.com, from summer romance novels, to kid thrillers to nonfiction page-turners. A few of my picks:

A small-town kid takes on a big-time case in Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer
Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer
, John Grisham's first book for middle-grade readers—and book one in a planned series—will no doubt have wide appeal. Precocious tween bookworms will admire Theodore Boone, a 13-year-old wannabe lawyer, and reluctant readers will keep flipping the pages due to an action-packed plot.

William Rosen tells a story of inventions in The Most Powerful Idea in the World
William Rosen’s The Most Powerful Idea in the World tells the story of how steam power became the catalyst for England’s Industrial Revolution. And a convoluted tale it is, involving the country’s wealth of natural resources (coal, iron, copper and water for powering machines and transporting goods), the comparatively high literacy rate that enabled common folk to educate themselves in science and technology, a patent system that protected the rights of inventors and gave them economic incentive to both create and refine devices, and a population large and wealthy enough to form a profitable market for products the new industries turned out.

Maggie Pouncey writes of a father's surprising legacy in Perfect Reader
“It was after her father’s death Flora returned to Darwin.” With this simple (and pleasingly Victorian) sentence, Maggie Pouncey launches the tangled doings of her accomplished debut novel, Perfect Reader.

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