BEA may have lasted only two days, but many of the convention's most eager attendees had an event of their own to look forward to after the show closed: the first ever Book Blogger Convention. Organized by several of the most prominent literary bloggers, the event kicked off with a social hour on Thursday after BEA closed.  There were nearly 200 registered attendees, and at least 100 others participated in an "Armchair Convention" organized by the bloggers who stayed at home.

Eager to meet my favorite bloggers, I hadn't realized I'd also encounter publicists and authors like Emma Donoghue, Susan Holloway Scott and Glen Plaskin, who attended with his puppy, Lucy, a descendant of the dog he writes about in the upcoming book Katie.

It's clear that savvy publicists and writers are interested in courting bloggers and social media mavens—the question is, has the rest of the world gotten with the program, or will the New York Times still print quotes from authors who categorize them as Terre Haute basement-dwellers? (Sorry, Richard Ford, but no one is going to forget that one.)

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