What interesting blog posts have you read this week? A few of my favorites include. . .

The Happy Ghost
Posted by Bill Morris on The Millions

If you've ever been curious about ghostwriters ("publishing’s dirty little secret"), then you have to read this post on The Millions, in which Morris asserts that ghostwriting has "officially left the ghetto." For more on the topic, read my interview with The Baby-sitters Club creator Ann M. Martin, who described the process of collaborating with about 10 different ghostwriters while writing her mega-bestselling series.

Ward Six List of 10 Over 80
Posted by Rhian Ellis on Ward Six

Everyone's been buzzing about The New Yorker's top writers under 40 (including us), so I loved seeing a different spin on lit blog Ward Six. Contributor Rhian Ellis writes, "All the following writers will turn 80 or more this year, and all have been kicking ass for longer than we have been alive," and gives shout-outs to Harper Lee, Beverly Cleary and others.

Literary tattoos and why I’ll never get one
Posted by Trish on Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin?

I got a kick out of looking at these tattoos and imagining what kind of bookish symbol I might get—what about you? Or do you agree with Trish, who wrote, "If I were going to get a literary tattoo, then I would want something simple, like the tree in the third pic, but all the things I love about books are that they’ve changed my life perspective, and those things can’t be summed up in a graphic (for me)."

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