Today Publisher's Marketplace posted a new book deal from Ellen DeGeneres—as the comedian and talk-show host said, "I found that between my talk show, American Idol and my late night blogging, I didn't have enough ways to express myself."

Ellen has already written a couple other books: The Funny Thing Is. . . and My Point. . . and I Do Have One. And if you can't get enough of all things Ellen, her mother, Betty, wrote a book called Love, Ellen: A Mother/Daughter Journey.

The new book is pitched as a look at DeGeneres' "life through her humor." A lot has happened since DeGeneres published The Funny Thing Is. . . in 2003: from marriage to Portia de Rossi, to judging American Idol, to appearing on Oprah's magazine.

Are there any topics you hope Ellen will address? Will you look for this book? (It's coming in fall 2011 from Grand Central.)

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