Late last week, Doubleday unveiled the cover for John Grisham's newest legal thriller on the author's official Facebook page:

That image is Lady Justice—blindfolded—signifying the objective nature of justice (or, justice as it should be).

There's no real information available on the plot yet; all we know is that The Confession is filled with "the intriguing twists and turns that have become Grisham’s trademark."

To build buzz, there was a 59-foot-long banner on the Javits Center at BEA:

(Like Grisham really needs the buzz. In the few days that the cover image has been available, there've been 2,000+ "likes" and 500+ comments on Grisham's Facebook.)

The Confession is out October 26, about 21 months after the publication of Grisham's latest legal thriller, The Associate, and less than a year after the publication of Ford County and Thedore Boone: Kid Lawyer.

Will you read The Confession? Any plot predictions?

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