What's on your TBR list for the week?

If you need any ideas, take a look at our new content highlighted on BookPage.com. Seems like our reading picks have taken a turn for the dark: murder-by-peanut, murder in Italy, Dracula. . .

This week, make sure you check out:

An interview with Adam Ross about debut novel Mr. Peanut
Ross spent 13 years writing his first novel, Mr. Peanut, in which an apparently loving husband fantasizes about the death of his wife, only to see his horrific dreams come true. With its layered storyline and allusions that range from Hitchcock to Escher, Mr. Peanut is being hailed as one of the season’s best debuts. BookPage asked Ross to elaborate on the novel’s inspirations and themes.

Note that the Q&A on BookPage.com is an expanded version of the interview in our July print edition. For more on Mr. Peanut (which will be available in stores tomorrow), read a review of the novel or an excerpt on our blog.

A behind-the-book essay from Dracula's Guest editor Michael Sims
“Would you like to edit a vampire anthology?” the editor asked me.
“Victorian vampires,” George clarified.
“I’m your man.” Fresh from writing my fourth book about natural science, I jumped at the thought of a holiday jaunt across misty moors.

Also, browse reviews of Michael Sims' books reviewed in BookPage.

A roundup of June mysteries from BookPage's Whodunit column
Leading off the first summer month of mystery reading is A Question of Belief, the latest Commissario Guido Brunetti novel from Donna Leon. Regular readers may remember that I have been singing the praises of European mysteries for some time now, and Donna Leon’s books are in the vanguard of that august group.

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