Maybe it's because everyone and her brother has a book idea swirling around in their heads these days, but it seems like the most-asked author question is: where did you get the idea for this book?

That's why we try to share as many "behind the book" stories with you on as we can. The last few weeks have brought two truly impressive contributions that you shouldn't miss.

Mystery lovers should love reading Rosemary Herbert's poignant story of working with the late Tony Hillerman to compile an updated version of Dorothy Sayers' classic, An Omnibus of Crime.

When Oxford University Press asked me to find an important American mystery writer to co-edit The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories with me, Tony leapt to mind. But I wondered if he could make time for the project. So I offered to do all the groundwork and to write all the essays introducing each story and author. I told him all he would have to do is decide on the final contents and write a preface. Tony told me, “That’s not fair. I insist on writing my share of the essays. And I’ll do the preface, too.” And he was true to his word.

Whether you read YA or not, Katie Williams' story of the tragedy that inspired her novel The Space Between Trees, which goes on sale today, is haunting.
Unlike Evie, I didn’t witness a childhood friend’s body being pulled out of the woods, and I didn’t lie to that dead girl’s father, didn’t become friends with her best friend, didn’t start a chain of events that led to trouble . . . big trouble. But I did know a girl who was murdered by a serial killer, and my curiosity about her death led me to obsess about her well into adulthood.

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