In Wellesley, MA, where I went to college, there was one truly excellent restaurant near campus—the kind of place you couldn't afford unless parents (or a hot date!) were treating, or maybe on a special occasion. The restaurant's called Blue Ginger, and diners from all over Massachusetts come to feast on Chef Ming Tsai's "East-West" cuisine.

Once I saw Tsai do a cooking demonstration in person, and his outgoing personality is perfectly suited for television. (And indeed Tsai does have a TV show, "Simply Ming," which airs on public television.)

So, I was happy to see that Tsai is publishing another cookbook in November of this year. Called Simply Ming One-Pot Meals: Quick, Healthy & Affordable Recipes, the Asian-influenced recipes will feature ingredients you can find at a local market. Also, "every recipe will track its salt and fat intakes, calories, and allergens (keeping it healthful), every dish will cost under $20, and you'll only have to use one vessel in which to cook," according to a pre-pub blurb.

Tsai has already published several cookbooks: Blue Ginger, Simply Ming, and Ming's Master Recipes. Have you discovered his delicious dishes yet?

Who are some of your favorite chefs?

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