It's been another great week for reading book blogs, and I especially enjoyed the following two posts. What about you? Please share your own recommendations in the comments.

Other Audiobook Week discussions
Posted by Jen on Devourer of Books

Over at Devourer of Books, Jen has hosted a fantastic Audiobook Week series since Monday. This particular post provides a roundup of other audiobook-appreciation posts from around the book blog community. Read about why people keep coming back to audiobooks, recommendations for great listens, thoughts on narrators and more.

In honor of National Audiobook Month, don't miss this essay from Jane Smiley on the companionship of audiobooks, featured in the June edition of BookPage.

Meeting the Goose
Posted by Justine van der Leun on The Paris Review Daily

I loved Justine van der Leun's post on The Paris Review's blog about meeting MLH—aka "My Literary Hero." I think most of us can identify with van der Leun's adoration: "Like MLH? I loved MLH: immediately, completely, and obsessively. It wasn’t a romantic crush; it was a writer crush, and it endured." But the horror of meeting MLH and realizing—gasp—that you don't get along!

The post title is taken from a quote by Arthur Koestler: “To want to meet an author because you like his books is as ridiculous as wanting to meet the goose because you like pate de foie gras.” Do you agree? Have you ever met your own personal MLH? (Abby has. Read about her experience here. Luckily, her meeting was positive.)

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