It's been a fairly slow week of book news, but a couple of blog posts still caught my attention. What posts would you recommend?

The Best In Completely Trashy, Guilty-Pleasure Reading
Posted by Sadie on Jezebel

I got a kick out of a recent Jezebel post on beach reads. At BookPage, our loose definition of "beach read" would probably be a page-turner you want to unwind with, maybe something a little steamier or lighter than your usual reading fare—see some of our picks from the July print edition for examples. But Jezebel gives a different description:

When we say "beach read," we're talking about the books whose covers you conceal from your airplane seat neighbor, the ones for which Lillian Vernon used to sell those anonymous needlepoint covers.

Love it. And I'm ashamed to say that I've only read half of their picks (pictured above). . . how have I never read Valley of the Dolls?! Peyton Place?! (Which was also recommended today in a guest post from Harriet Evans.)

What's on your "completely trashy, guilty-pleasure reading" list? I'll go ahead and add Judy Blume's Summer Sisters, which my tween friends and I passed around like candy the year it came out.

All ALA coverage
Posted by Laura Rodgers on Laura's Life

Laura is a fourth grader who has not only read every single Newbery Medal-winning book, but she blogs about them, too. At the Newbery Caldecott banquet last weekend, Laura was introduced and applauded for her impressive reading accomplishments. I love Laura's honest book reviews (she'll let you know when she absolutely loves a book; but if it just didn't work for her, she won't sugarcoat anything). She also write many interesting posts about ALA.

For more on Laura, watch her ALA interview:

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