Black Mamba Boy, out August 3 from FSG, is about a young boy's incredible quest. Here's more from the publisher:

Yemen, 1935. Jama is a “market boy,” a half-feral child scavenging with his friends in the dusty streets of a great seaport. For Jama, life is a thrilling carnival, at least when he can fill his belly. When his mother—alternately raging and loving—dies young, she leaves him only an amulet stuffed with one hundred rupees. Jama decides to spend her life’s meager savings on a search for his never-seen father. . .

In the book trailer below, debut author Nadifa Mohamed explains how her novel was inspired by her father's "extraordinary life":

Does Black Mamba Boy sound interesting to you? (In August, look for a review on

What book trailers are you buzzing about today?

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