What blog posts did you enjoy this week? My picks include. . .

Looking for Salvation at the Sip ‘n See—Susan Gregg Gilmore’s Ideal Book Event
Posted on The Book Lady's Blog

I was first intrigued by Susan Gregg Gilmore's The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove when Trisha blogged about it in her roundup of "faceless" covers. Then I got really intrigued when I realized that the novel's jacket image has a picture of Nashville's (beloved--at least to me) Parthenon looming in the background. So, I read Gilmore's recent guest blog post on The Book Lady's Blog with interest, in which the author discusses her idea of a perfect book event: "the beloved, soon-to-be famous, Sip ‘n  See." Check it out.

A Third-String Quarterback's Lookshelf
Posted by Lookshelves

Thanks to a link on largehearted boy, I have just discovered Lookshelves, a blog that examines other people's bookshelves. As site creator Meghan Beresford writes, "Lookshelves isn't exactly the same as thumbing through a friend's books or peering at a stranger's shelf (and it's certainly harder to borrow books this way). But it is probably as close as you're going to get online." Just for fun, do any of you want to share a tidbit about your own bookshelves? I'll go first: I recently moved to a new apartment, and its selling point to me was its built-in bookshelves.

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