If you thought Lionel Shriver couldn't come up with a more provocative topic than health care to use as inspiration for fiction, think again—the author is planning to frame her next book around the issue of immigration.

In a March interview with Chicago's Victoria Lautman, Shriver said that she had an idea for her next book, although "it's not very advanced."

She continued, "For many years now I've wanted to tackle the subject of immigration, and especially to try to be a little sympathetic with this side of the equation where you're the host population and you're a little uncomfortable with it.  This is political dynamite and I'm sure I'm going to hate myself for taking this on. It is self-destructive to come anywhere near this topic, but I can't resist it." Turns out she's already come near it at least twice in articles that hint at the ways she might tackle the issue. The Standpoint Magazine interview in particular provides a lot of food for thought.

Shriver said she plans to start the book after the publicity for So Much for That dies down. Although I find the premise intriguing, I can't help but hope immigration is handled with a lighter touch than health care was in So Much for That, where the dialogue occasionally crossed into preachy polemic territory. (Read my BookPage review of that book here.) But who am I kidding? I'll read it regardless; Shriver's fierce intelligence and priceless observations on human nature make anything she writes a worthwhile read.

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