Super Sad True Love Story is Gary Shteyngart's third novel (after The Russian Debutante’s Handbook and Absurdistan), and it is "scary but exhilarating," according to BookPage contributor Alden Mudge. Alden interviewed the author for our August print edition, and we'll post that conversation in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, check out this hilarious trailer for the book—featuring cameos by James Franco, Jay McInerney, Mary Gaitskill and others:

We wondered how Shteyngart got such a big crew of superstars to appear in his book trailer, so we asked Jynne Martin, Associate Director of Publicity at Random House, to give us the dirt. She wrote:

Gary had cabin fever this past winter and wrote the original script in January. He wrote in all the funny cameos—James Franco, Mary Gaitskill et al—and then we just had our fingers crossed that everyone would find the script as funny as we did. Amazingly everyone in the all-star cast immediately said yes, except Salman Rushdie who had scheduling conflicts, so the moment of Gary asking Salman if he writes his books in Indian is forever lost to the imagination. It was filmed this spring in the Random House offices and in Gary's actual NYC apartment. The actual footage we filmed is far more extensive than the 5 minute book trailer, and it was a terribly sad process trying to edit down so many funny moments to fit into a short trailer. Happily we'll be releasing some of the outtakes in the coming weeks, including Gary teaching James Franco how to roll a joint, and Gary discussing his "relations" with Simon AND with Schuster.

Ha! Can't wait to see that.

Will you read Super Sad True Love Story (on sale July 27)?

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